Frequently Asked Questions and Kitesurf Guides

Kitesurf Guide and FAQ

Do you conduct lessons year round?
The lesson season in the UK is April-November. The best time of year for learning to kite is Spring, Summer, & Fall as the weather is warm, and the winds are consistent which makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

What equipment do you provide during the lessons?
In the Level 1 – (day 1 course) you will start with the smaller trainer kites and then work your way up to the smaller bow kites (6m & 9m). In the Level 2 – (2 day course) you will be using a 9, 12m bow kite depending on your size and wind conditions during the lesson and a floaty twin-tip board (150cm), seat harness & helmet.

Where do you teach your lessons?
We teach our lessons in the best location in the UK. Poole, Sandbanks (said to be the second largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney) this location is again one of the best area’s to learn in the UK the harbour is huge the water is flat (no surf) shallow waist deep at most and the kitesurf area is about 400mtr square.

What days do you offer lessons and how do I make a reservation?
We offer lessons everyday there is enough wind. If there is not enough wind on the day of the lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled to another day. The minimum amount of wind that we teach our Level 1 – Ground Control class is about 8mph, our Level 2 – On the Water class requires at least 10-12mph of steady wind. You can book your lesson online.

What do I need to bring for the lesson?
We will provide all the equipment, safety gear, Wetsuits and all the kitesurf equipment. It would be good to bring a dry towel/pack lunch/sun glasses & sun screen.

I am an accomplished wakeboarder/surfer/snowboarder. Will I be able to pick up kiteboarding really quick?
Although a background in other board sports is helpful, kiteboarding is 90% kite control. You have to learn the skills necessary to safely control the kite before attempting to ride the board. When you do get on the board, having those other sports under your belt with definitely be a plus. We have taught all ages and types of people, and kiteboarding is more finesse than physical strength, if you are wondering. Having a background in sailing or wind surfing will also help out in the learning process.

Do you rent kites or boards?
We provide kites and boards for our students during a lesson. We cannot rent kites without the supervision of an instructor, but if you are traveling to our area, and don’t want to bring your boards, stop by the shop and we’ll set you up.